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Air-Test Incorporated provides independent testing and certification services for new and existing Clean Rooms, Biological Safety Cabinets, Chemical Fume Hoods and all Laminar Flow Equipment. Our Certification Engineers have over 25 years of hands on testing experience.
about air-test
All testing is computerized and performed to current industry standards. Air-Test is strictly a service company. Because we do not sell equipment or products, we are in a position to do complete unbiased evaluations. We utilize the latest "state of the art" equipment and testing procedures.
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Air-Test Incorporated provides services primarily to the health institutions, microelectronics, optics, aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical device and research industries. We have performed testing for many Fortune 500 Companies and have tested some of the most advanced equipment in the world.

We understand the complex inter-relationship of the many facets of the equipment’s performance so we can do more than simply take readings. We can evaluate the readings and their effect on the equipment as a whole and document them so you know exactly how they are performing. Air-Test Incorporated provides all of these services and more on an independent, confidential basis.

Air-Test Incorporated differs from many certification companies in that we place our most experienced and valuable people in the field actually performing the testing. Field expertise is vital when problems or design questions arise and the need to communicate with architects, engineers, and mechanical contractors is required. You want FIELD ENGINEERS with a working knowledge of the equipment and systems to assist you. Air-Test is committed to providing the highest quality testing service available, our wide ranges of testing services have these common characteristics.

*Highly qualified Certification Engineers. NOT PHARMACISTS OR TECHNICIANS performing the testing.

*All test equipment is N.I.S.T traceable for reliable, precise readings.

*All testing includes computerized detailed, with easy to comprehend certification reports.

*24 hour service for any emergency testing or repair needs.

Our equipment and calibration procedures are the finest available and our testing is documented in a thorough and detailed computerized certification report. We simply ask for the opportunity to supply you with a certification proposal to illustrate our cost-effective strategy. In order for OUR COMPANY to remain competitive we realize that we MUST provide the best service possible for YOU, our client. This places our most valuable people where you need them most. IN THE FIELD PERFORMING THE TESTING and REPORTING DIRECTLY TO YOU.

Air-Test intensively covers 13 states in the Midwest. These states include: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, North/South Dakota and Wisconsin. We do have clients in other parts of the US and have also supported clients in international locations.

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