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Air-Test is proud to offer our clients the following certification services:
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Clean Air Benches

An optimum working environment
Hospital pharmacies and many manufactures may require Clean Air Benches or Laminar Flow Equipment for sterile environments. In drug preparation, animal facilities, sterile manufacturing and packaging, it is critical that a sterile environment be maintained.
Dedicated to providing the safest and cleanest working environment, our engineers perform certification and evaluation services. We use only established, proven testing procedures. When performance deficiencies are discovered, repairs and adjustments are made to ensure equipment integrity. What’s more, Air Test will help inservice your technicians in the proper maintenance of your equipment.
Certification is recommended when:
  • Equipment is initially installed
  • Periodically as required
  • Equipment is relocated
  • Filters are replaced
  • Emergency service is required

All testing procedures are performed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications

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