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Chemical Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods are designed to protect laboratory personnel by preventing contaminants such as chemical vapors, dusts, mists and fumes from escaping into the laboratory environment.
Laboratory fume hoods also provide lab personnel with a physical barrier to chemicals and their reactions.

Air-Test focuses on standard/ conventional, perchloric acid and radioisotope fume hoods.

Fume Hood Service Provided by Air-Test:
Air-Test is committed to promoting safe work environments. Air-Test inspects fume hoods annually and upon request. Laboratory fume hoods are evaluated to verify their proper operation.
Standard testing includes:
  • Visual Inspection - including airflow indicating alarms where present. Air-Test will reset alarms when necessary.
  • Smoke Trace - smoke is generated to verify contaminant capture at sash periphery.
  • Face Velocity - average face velocity is determined using a calibrated thermoanemometer (with sash set at maximum level indicated by arrows on sash, typically 18").

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