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Biological Safety Cabinets

Ensuring the Safety of Biological Laboratories with Containment Cabinets

Today’s state-of-the-art equipment is designed by the manufacturer to promote maximum protection for the operator. Correct air balance and leak-free filters are vital to maintaining a safe working environment. To deliver optimum conditions, Air Test use's the most advanced testing equipment. Our procedures are specifically designed to reveal any possible filter failures or other deficiencies, which might affect equipment performance. Naturally, Air Test makes any necessary repairs and adjustments as required to maintain equipment integrity.
Air Test Performance Certification:
Air-Test conducts performance testing when systems are initially installed, and also periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer and regulatory agencies. Our personnel additionally provide this service whenever equipment is relocated, HEPA filters are replaced, and repairs are made.

Primary Testing:
Air Velocity
…This test determines when air balance adjustments are required or HEPA filters are damaged and are in need of replacement.
HEPA Filter Test…The filter face and perimeter are completely checked for leakage.
Pressure Leak Test
All panels’ seams and joints are tested to assure cabinet integrity.

Smoke Induction Test
Smoke is introduced around the sash opening and observed for inward airflow.

Secondary Testing:
Electrical Safety
Lighting Intensity
Noise Level
Ultraviolet Lamp Intensity

Cabinet Decontamination:
When filters are changed or repairs are necessary, Air-Test eliminates hazardous biological agents and maximizes safety by thoroughly decontaminating the cabinet. To provide further safety, specially trained Air-Test personnel are employed to decontaminate cabinets used for chemical carcinogens.

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